The workshop

Lyppens jewellers has had a large workshop above the shop for more than over sixty years. The workshop is the heart of the business where specialists such as diamond setters, restorers, gold and silversmiths and 3D developers work passionately every day. The team consists of true specialists that are becoming extremely rare these days, like for example the rose cut diamond setters, a discipline that is hundreds of years old, rarely practised anymore but restoring rose cut diamond jewellery is still common practice for Lyppens.

Diamond setters are a critical part of everyday life in the workshop. Lyppens jewellers has a large collection of certified diamonds in stock in many different shapes and sizes. Because of the on-hand expertise, it is possible to choose a diamond and ring setting and have your perfect engagement ring made whilst you wait.

Repair work

Because of the many years of extensive experience, the workshop is specialised in repairing all sorts of jewels, silverware or other creations made from precious metals. Small repair work like a broken chain, resizing a ring, of more complex repair work like restoring antique jewellery are all part of the offered services. All the possibilities and costs are explained clearly before any work is carried out.

3D Designs

The workshop specialists aid you with your personalised design. Based on your description, design or image the team can create a preliminary draft of your design. From there a price will be calculated. Upon approval, your design will be transformed into a 3D drawing and once the drawing has received an accord, the workshop will start to create your piece of jewellery.


Hand engraving

To make your jewellery or silverware even more personal, Lyppens jewellers offer a hand engraving service. This can be anything from a name, date or personal message.

Hand engraving is a craft where the engraver, using only a diamond tipped pencil and a steady hand, engraves in his specialised workshop. This technique allows the engraving to be situated deep in the material and gives an artisan finish.

The sales team can show you from the in house examples how a hand engraving will look, including the different fonts. The costs for hand engraving are €15,- startup costs, €5 per small letter or number and €10,- for a capital letter. Hand engraving takes approximately two weeks.