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Gemstone rings

Gemstone rings

Gemstone rings from Lyppens jewellers

Sometimes diamonds just do not cut it and we need some serious colour. Lyppens have a vast collection of coloured stones, from well-known to mysterious. There is a large selection of rings, all made in 14 or 18 karat yellow, red or white gold. The most important gemstones are Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. The sales team will be able to give you in depth advice about the differences to help you choose the right stone that suits you.


Ruby is the red variant of the mineral corundum. The red colour can vary from rose to deep blood red. The most beautiful rubies are found in Asia and Africa. Ruby has always been a very popular choice in high end jewellery and can be found in crown and Noble jewels across the world. It has been known to symbolise love and passion throughout the ages and is also the traditional birthstone of July. Lyppens jewellers offer many pieces of this exceptional gemstone.


Sapphire comes from the Latin word ‘saphirus’ meaning blue but sapphire is actually the name given to all the corundum minerals that are not red. Meaning that sapphire can occur in every colour of the rainbow even though it is most commonly known in blue. The most beautiful variants of sapphire come from the island of Sri Lanka. Lyppens jewellers have a vast collection of Sri Lankan sapphires. The blue colour varies from a velvety blue to a deep dark violet blue. The gemstone is associated with hope, loyalty, strength, power and has been used as a symbol of love and engagement for centuries. It is also the celebrated birthstone of September. Lyppens offer many beautiful and rare examples of this gemstone.


Emerald is the deep green variety of the mineral Beryl and can be traced back in jewellery history to 1500 BC. Due to its chemical composition, it is slightly more fragile than ruby and sapphire and emerald often has inclusions. These are considered normal in emeralds and are more commonly socially accepted. The most beautiful emeralds come from Columbia and possess a deep green with a slight bluish undertone. Emeralds symbolise growth, wisdom and happiness and are the Birthstone of May.

Large collection gemstones

There are many more beautiful gemstones at Lyppens Jewellers. From traditional Dutch carnelian, garnet and coral to modern fancy cut gemstones like rose quartz, tourmaline, topaz, citrine, amethyst, aquamarine, moonstone, prasiolite, morganite and many more. Lyppens has an enormous collection of exceptional gemstones in every budget.

Loose gemstones and mounts

Lyppens also sells loose gemstones. Once you have found the perfect gemstone, the sales team, together with the workshop can design and create a mounting for your gemstone. The team will guide you every step of the way.

Rings with gemstones and diamonds

Many gemstones can be enhanced with diamonds. Diamonds have a brilliance and play of colour that will intensify the colour of the gemstone. Diamond in a jewellery design is often very timeless and can give an extra dimension to the jewels design. Let the wide collection of diamond and gemstone jewellery designs surprise and inspire you.