Baby gifts

Baby gifts

Silver baby gifts from Lyppens jewellers

Lyppens jewellers has a great collection of gifts for a newborn. From the vast collection of silver rattles, children’s cutlery, birth spoons, children’s cups, silver piggy banks and small children’s bracelets with coral or a nameplate.

Silver rattles

The silver rattle is a truly classic birth gift. The silver rattles come in many different shapes and sizes, traditional or in the shape of an animal. They all come with a wooden or white plastic ring that is safe for the baby. Almost all rattles can also be engraved with the baby's name or date of birth.

Silver children’s cups

The silver children's cup is a traditional and timeless birth gift. Lyppens' silver children's cups are available in various models, with a straight edge, pearl edge, oval edge, fillet edge and with a base. All children's cups can be supplied with a handle on request and are suitable for engraving.

Silver children's cutlery

Silver children's cutlery can be gifted in several ways. Single, as a small cutlery or extended with a knife or a ladle. The cutlery comes from Lyppens' own house collection, so it is always available. You can choose from the model Haags Lofje or Hollands Glad. All children's cutlery can be personalised with an engraving.

Silver birth spoons

The silver birth spoon is a beautiful gift for a baby's birth. The spoons are larger in size and often decorated with a crane or stork. The hefty bowl of the spoon lends itself perfectly to a beautiful engraving.

There are many more birth gifts for sale at Lyppens jewellers. Ask the sales team about the various options.