Rings without gemstones

Rings without gemstones

Rings without Gemstones

Rings without gemstones from Lyppens jewellers

Sometimes a ring does not need a gemstone to be beautiful. Lyppens has a stunning collection of gold rings. From simple and subtle all the way to chunky and statement pieces, the sales team are specialised in helping you find the perfect match for yourself or a loved one.

At Lyppens jewellers the collection consists of rings made from 14 or 18 karat yellow white or red gold. Sometimes a combination of these. By having such a broad collection it ensures that there is always the right ring for you.

In addition to the unique designs and one-of-a-kind statement pieces Lyppens also has a permanent collection for everyday wear. Unmissable pieces for everyday wear.

Stackable rings

Stackable rings are not only handy to keep another ring in place but also help to create a more visually pleasing look when two or more are stacked in between your existing gold, gemstone or diamond rings.

In this category rings you will also find popular gold twist and bubble rings. The twist ring is made from weaving gold and is normally worn as a stackable addition or on its own. The bubble ring is a similar ring made from a row of small interconnected gold balls. Both rings are available in different thicknesses, three types of gold and made to order in all ring sizes.

Lyppens jewellers also have a good collection of plain gold bands, with options in red yellow or white gold, hammered or matted finish. These types of rings are also ideal to combine with an existing gemstone or diamond ring

It is great fun to mix and match all these different types of rings. The bubble and twist rings can combine easily with a plain or hammered ring. You can create endless variations with your own collection and you will be amazed what a simple addition of a gold ring can do to the overall appearance of your hand. Stacking rings gives you the possibility to mix and match your rings in a way you have never been able to do before, giving you a whole new way to enjoy existing and new rings. Let the sales team help you to find your perfect stackable options.