Silver tableware from Lyppens jewellers

At the end of the 17th century fine and elaborate dining became more fashionable in upper-class society. To accommodate for this trend, silversmiths started to receive commissions to produce often very elaborate silver tableware. This started in France and quickly spread through the rest of Europe.

Dinners became almost ceremonious occasions, with many different courses served and presented in or on fine silver plates, sauce pots and bowls. The room was then candle lit using often large and impressive candelabras (candlesticks with many arms) placed in the middle of the table. This would display your wealth and status amongst your party guests very effectively. The 18th, 19th and 20th centuries saw this great tradition continue and expand. A great many factories and workshops were set up throughout Holland producing fine silverware.

Lyppens jewellers still have a great collection of silver tableware from the 19th and 20th centuries. From silver plateaus, plates, bowls with blue glass inlay to Art Nouveau and Art Deco tea and coffee services complete with milk and sugar pots.

Silver miniatures

Silver miniatures are scaled furnishings, instruments and utensils that were made specifically for doll’s houses. Everything from grand pianos, tables, closets, coaches including horses to tiny plates with cutlery was created with painstaking detail out of silver.

Silver coasters

Silver wine coasters are a great gift for a wedding, birthday, anniversary or as a gift to a business associate. Lyppens jewellers have a great collection of wine coasters, made from sterling / first grade silver with wooden base. Each of the coasters can be engraved with a personal message or date.

Silver salt and pepper shakers

Lyppens jewellers has a great collection of modern and antique salt and pepper shakers and cellars made from silver and often lined in gold plating or made with a basin of blue glass. They serve as a great novelty and make a classy edition to a well-dressed table. The salt and pepper shaker is a great gift for a wedding, birthday, anniversary or as a gift to a business associate.

Silver and glass decanters

A silver decanter is a great gift for a wedding, birthday, anniversary or as a gift to a business associate. Decanters come in many different shapes and sizes, from the standard white and red wines, whisky, cognac all the way to desert wines and other liquors. As the decanters were reusable, it became handy to have a label attached to know what was in the bottle, ushering in the popularity of silver drink labels. These also later proved to be a collector’s item. Lyppens jewellers has a collection of antique and modern silver drink labels.

Alongside decanters for wine Lyppens jewellers also have a great collection of large silver and glass decanters for water.