Ear studs

Ear studs

Ear studs from Lyppens jewellers

Ear studs are one of the most common forms of earrings with many different variations. Lyppens jewellers have a vast collection of ear studs, whether you are looking for a gift for your son, daughter, wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend. A present for an important occasion or something for yourself, a pair of ear studs is always a perfect present to give.

All the ear studs from Lyppens are made from 14 or 18 karat yellow, red or white gold. Many of the ear studs are just made from gold, these are more casual and easier to wear on a daily basis. Lyppens also offer a vast collection set with gemstones or diamonds.

What are ear studs?

Ear studs are easily recognised as earrings that go through the ear, and sit on the earlobe. They are commonly locked into place using a butterfly pusher at the back. This gives the earring the property to be easily worn every day and without much care. Are you looking for a pair of earrings that you can pop in and not have to worry about taking out when doing something physical like going to the gym, tennis or running? Then ear studs are the best option for you.

Diamond ear studs

The most commonly known ear studs are diamond ear studs set with brilliant cut diamonds. This is known as a solitaire ear stud. These ear studs are an unmissable part of everybody’s jewellery collection. Besides from it being an unmissable part of every woman's jewellery collection, in the last 15 years there have been many professional male athletes and performers wear a single diamond ear stud. At Lyppens jewellers there is a vast collection of diamond ear studs in all different shapes and sizes. The diamond collection also includes fancy cuts such as the square princess and Asscher cuts that serve as perfect alternatives to the round brilliant cut diamonds.

Of course, there are also alternatives to the single diamond ear stud. There is a large collection of diamond ear studs that are pavé set with diamonds. Alongside these ear studs, there is also a great collection of diamond ear studs set with diamonds and gemstones, for example the classical entourage with sapphire or a modern morganite with brown diamonds.

Ear studs with gemstones

A solitaire can of course also be set with a coloured gemstone, asides from giving a more subtle and more playful effect, these ear studs are also suited to go into a second hole in the ear often complimenting a primary larger earring. Take for example the brightly coloured green tsavorite or bright blue topaz or smokey quartz to bring out brown, green or blue eyes. There is also a vast collection of ear studs set with gemstones made from lighter more pastel colours that work perfectly with your summer outfit. Whatever you are looking for, the team of sales advisors can help you find the perfect pair of ear studs.