Silver from Lyppens jewellers

Silver has been praised as a noble metal for thousands of years with the earliest known silversmiths residing in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome. Commonly these silversmiths would forge silver into currency, chalices and other religious items. The metal held a value in weight, meaning that silver objects also served as a form of storing wealth that was easily transportable should the need to quickly flea arise.

Silver in its purest form is too soft to work with and to make the metal more durable silversmiths commonly add copper and/or other metals to strengthen it. Most countries including the Netherlands have strict laws for silver. These laws often date back hundreds of years and were put in place to prevent fraudulent silversmiths selling impure silver to unsuspecting consumers. These laws dictate how much foreign material may be added to the silver before it is legally not allowed to be called silver. In practice law requires all silver to be tested and hallmarked by a government body before it is sold to consumers and the Dutch law recognizes three grades of silver.

1st grade silver is 92.5% pure. This is also Sterling Silver for the UK.

2nd grade silver is 83.5% pure.

3rd grade silver is 80% pure.

Silver tableware

Lyppens jewellers has a large selection of silver tableware in the collection ranging from small items such as salt and pepper sellars, silver egg cups to larger dining trays, tea and coffee canisters, wine coolers, silver bowls and plateaus used for serving meals.

Silver candlesticks

Lyppens jewellers has a large selection of handcrafted new and antique silver candlesticks offered as a single piece of or as a set of candlesticks. Alongside the collection also has several two and three arm candlesticks, larger candlesticks and a selection of silver Chanoekas.

Silver cutlery

As a traditional family jeweller, Lyppens still offers a large selection of silver cutlery. Alongside the inhouse collection that is still produced today, Lyppens also has a selection of vintage and antique cutlery utensils and cassettes available. Whether you are looking for a single piece or an entire set.

Silver photo frames

Lyppens jewellers offers a large collection sterling silver photo frames in oval or rectangular shapes and in different sizes. Alongside the new collection photo frames there is also a small collection of vintage and antique photo frames.

Silver baby gifts

Lyppens jewellers has a large collection of silver gifts for a newborn. From the traditional rattle available in many different shapes and sizes, from the round ball and hoop to playful animal figures. Alongside the collection also holds birth cups, couverts for children and even silver music boxes. Many of the silver baby gifts can be engraved with a personal message name or date.

Engraving silver

There is no better way to personalise your silver gift than to have it engraved. Your personal message can be whatever you want it to be.

There are two options when it comes to engraving. The first option is machine engraving, this is done in the in-house workshop. You get the choice from a selection of fonts that can be engraved on a selected surface. Please note this is subject to it being possible for the goldsmith. In-house engraving takes on average 3 working days, has a €15,- setup charge and a further €2,- per letter.

The alternative option is hand engraving. The experienced hand engraver will engrave your personal text in the wine coaster, in his own studio, using only a diamond pointed engraving pen and his steady hand. With this method, the text is engraved deeper into the material. The team can show you examples of both methods so you can make the best choice. A hand engraving takes an average of two weeks, also has a €15,- setup charge and a further €5,- per letter and €10,- for a capital letter.