Diamant paren

Diamond pairs

Diamond pairs

Diamond pairs from Lyppens jewellers

One of the most popular types of earrings are diamond solitaire earstuds. A timeless classic and a great addition to every jewellery lover. Earstuds are easily wearable for nearly every occasion, you can wear them on a daily basis to work, when you have a formal or professional function, or with friends and family on a night out.

Matching diamond pairs

A diamond can be classified as a pair when the 4 C’s match. The cut plays an important role, as the tables, the crown and pavilions and depth also have to be the same. Two diamonds can both have a cut grade very good, but still differ. Because the specifications are more stringent, pairs of diamonds are typically slightly more expensive than two loose diamonds.

Setting your diamond pairs

Once you have chosen the ideal diamond pair size that suits all your wishes, the workshop can normally set the diamonds for you whilst you wait. Lyppens jewellers work with high quality 18 karat Leight settings. These 4 or 6 claw settings sit nicely on the earlobe, are strong and durable and come with strong push back clasps.

A pair of diamonds can always be combined with an exciting design. Perhaps you want to add diamonds in a separate design. The wide stock of loose diamonds gives you the opportunity to combine the diamonds with the beautiful colours of gemstones, such as sapphire, ruby, emerald, tourmaline and quartz. Besides earrings, diamond pairs make the perfect side stones in a beautiful three-stone ring.

Lyppens jewellers do not sell synthetic (lab-grown) diamonds.