Link necklaces

Link necklaces

Gold link necklaces from Lyppens jewellers

Lyppens jewellers have a great collection of basic and unique gold necklaces. All of the necklaces are 14 or 18 karat white, yellow or red gold. Many necklaces are in standard sizes, such as 42, 45 and 50cm but there are also longer and shorter necklaces in stock. Should there not be the length that you are looking for then one of the goldsmiths can adjust almost any necklace to the desired length. Below is a selection describing the most popular necklaces.

Curb link necklace

The curb link necklace is a traditional and timeless classic. Its flat links are quite neutral and have a unisex appeal. The stock consists of different lengths and thicknesses. It is also a great link to combine with a pendant or with other necklaces.

The rolo necklace

One of the oldest links known to man and very simple in its design. The rolo link necklace is made of interlocking circles. This design is just as traditional as the curb link bracelet and a must have in any jewellery collection. The rolo link is available in different sizes and lengths and looks great on its own or with a pendant.

The anchor necklace

Like the name suggests the anchor necklaces are actually elongated rolo links that look like the chains used to connect anchors to ships. This link is a great alternative to the rolo necklace and has quite a young and modern look and feel to it.

The box necklace

The box link necklace is a series of very small squared links weaved into each other. Like the anchor link necklace, the box link necklace has a more modern feel to it and is a great necklace to wear on its own without a pendant as the links make it look more substantial.

The figaro necklace

The figaro necklace is similar to the curb link necklace with one major difference, its smaller links are intersected with a slightly larger link, giving a playful effect. The figaro necklace is a huge hit with men and women alike looking for a unique link necklace.

The snake or wheat link necklace

This link is quite compact and rounded and like its name suggests has a similar structure of a snake. It is a very elegant necklace that does not hang in a V shape when hanging a pendant on it, making it a popular choice with clients looking for an elegant necklace that can be worn with or without a pendant with smart or casual attire.

The Byzantine necklace

The Byzantine link is the link if you are looking for a statement jewel. The link is available in many different thicknesses and the thicker model is popular with many of the male clients as it has a robust and modern look and feel to it. The tightly woven square links give the Byzantine link quite a luxurious look and the thicker links truly make a statement.

The closed forever necklace

The closed forever link is a link that has a lock that looks exactly like a link giving the appearance that its one smooth link bracelet without a clasp. It is commonly associated with bangle bracelets and bangle necklaces from the 50's, 60's and 70’s. Traditionally this link was often used to hang bangles from as the links are quite spaced out and large. In recent years it has proven to be one of the most popular links without the bangles and is now considered to be one of the most popular links in the collection.