Diamond rings

Diamond rings

Diamond rings

Diamond rings from Lyppens jewellers

At Lyppens jewellers, a large part of the collection consists of diamond rings. From timeless, simple and classic all the way to exotic cocktail rings. Let the sales team show you the vast selection of diamond rings.

All rings at Lyppens are made from 14 or 18 karat yellow, red or white gold. Many of the more exotic rings often consist of two colours gold, known as bicolour or tricolour rings, making the combination possibilities with diamonds almost endless.

Different diamond cuts in diamond rings

A rough piece of diamond, when mined from the earth, looks nothing like the mesmerising cut gem. The diamond gets its unique lustre and brilliance from the way that the gemstone is cut.

The most commonly known cut is the brilliant cut diamond. This cut, named after the brilliance of light seen in the gemstone, was perfected in 1919. The brilliant cut traditionally has 57 or 58 facets, that are angled at a very specific degree so that light refracts through the stone, gets split into its component colours, and is completely reflected back into the eyes of the viewer. A magical display of light that is only possible due to the exact mathematical calculations of the cutter. Should the cutter be off by only 1 degree, then the gemstone would lose much of that brilliance and appear very dull.

Other popular diamond cuts are the princess cut, a square cut. The emerald cut, a rectangular cut and the oval cut that as the name suggests is cut in oval shape.

Another popular diamond cut is the Asscher cut diamond. This cut was designed in 1902 by Joseph Asscher in Amsterdam. This truly Dutch cut was very popular from its creation to modern day and being the first truly alternative design to the brilliant cut. Its straight facet lines made it very popular during the Art Deco and its simplistic design has ensured it has stood the test of time becoming a timeless classic and popular worldwide.

The collection of diamonds at Lyppens jewellers also consists of an extremely unique selection of antique diamonds. These are diamonds that were cut during the 19th and 18th centuries. These diamonds show a characteristically thicker body and less symmetry then their 21st century counterparts. Many cutters tried to utilise the light effect seen in diamonds but the most important factor back then was its weight, which is why they have this appearance.

Diamond rings with gemstones

Diamonds do not always have to be the dominant stone in a ring, sometimes they are only used to accentuate a central gemstone or to bring extra sparkle to a design. Think of the engagement ring of Diana and Princess Kate where the central stone is sapphire and diamonds only offer a framework to elegantly display the gemstone.