Diamanten armbanden

Diamond bracelets

Diamond Bracelets

Diamond bracelets from Lyppens jewellers

At Lyppens jewellers you can find the right diamond bracelet for every occasion. You can go for a subtle look with a little sparkle or shine exuberantly for a glamorous ball. All bracelets at Lyppens are made from 14 or 18 karat yellow, red and white gold.

Different types of diamond bracelets

There are many variations on the diamond bracelet. For example, the well-known tennis bracelet, quite simplistic in design, but an eyecatcher on the wrist. Lyppens has a large collection of tennis bracelets available in white, brown (champagne) and black diamonds. The collection offers all options in different widths. Lyppens jewellers also offers tennis bracelets in combination with gemstones such as blue sapphire, pink sapphire, ruby, tsavorite, citrine or even one set with the entire colour spectrum of sapphire.

If the tennis bracelet is not what you are looking for, you can always find another type of fine diamond bracelet. Like a subtle link bracelet with small brilliant cut diamonds, or a bangle bracelet with diamonds. Lyppens jewellers offer a wide range that will astonish and surprise you.

Do you have something important to celebrate, for example an anniversary, birthday or birth of a child? Lyppens offers many beautiful large diamond bracelets, like diamond set curb bracelets and style period diamond bracelets, like Art Deco bracelets, or wide tank bracelets set with diamonds.

Diamond bracelets with gemstones

Lyppens jewellers is well known for its broad collection of diamond bracelets set with gemstones. That is why you are always at the right address when you are looking for diamond bracelets that are also set with gemstones like ruby, sapphire, emerald or many other gemstones. The combination often makes the bracelet more playful than a fully set diamond bracelet. Drop by the store and see what options suit you the best.