Photo frames

Photo frames

Silver photo frames from Lyppens jewellers

At Lyppens jewellers there is a great collection of silver picture frames. Produced by Carrs of Sheffield and available in many different shapes and sizes from square, rectangular, oval, round and even frames with three or four windows.

The traditional oval and rectangular frames models range from: 9 x 13cm, 10 x 15cm and 13 x 18cm.

All the frames are made from first grade / sterling silver and are lined with blue velvet or wooden backs. Many of the picture frames can be engraved. Please ask one of the staff members about the possibilities.

History of silver photo frames

Silver picture frames are a relatively new concept for silverware. During the late Victorian period, with the ongoing development of the photo camera, picture frames became a necessity. The middle and upper classes who could afford to have their portrait taken, also needed an elegant way to display this and what better way than in a silver frame, as a true statement of wealth.

During the 20th century photography and silver frames became more and more affordable and popular and by the 1960’s most homes in the west either had silver- or silver-plated frames.