Vintage & antieke oorbellen

Vintage & antique earrings

Vintage and antique earrings

Vintage and antique earrings from Lyppens jewellers

Vintage and antique earrings often differ from modern versions in that they were largely made by hand using only traditional techniques that have been largely replaced by machine and computer driven processes today. The idea that a goldsmith could spend days perfecting the back and inside of an earring, is something rarely seen today. The love for perfection and craft has perhaps slightly diminished with the modern processes designed to save time and money. The purchasing team from Lyppens travel far and wide in search for antique and vintage earrings that were made with passion and their immense quality and craftsmanship often outshine their modern-day counterparts.

Different style periods

The 19th century is commonly known as the Victorian art movement in Europe. This is because the English Victorians (1937 – 1901) were quite influential worldwide and the sheer number of items produced as a result led to a prospering industrial revolution in England. Strictly speaking this is an umbrella term encompassing many smaller art movements. The antique Victorian earrings at Lyppens jewellers are often defined as well-crafted earrings set with often large old European cut or old brilliant cut diamonds under each other.

The antique Art Nouveau earrings in the collection are earrings that are easily recognised by the use of flora and fauna in combination with enamel and often lack of precious gemstones. Oftentimes organic gemstones such as pearls would be used. Less common is diamond, ruby, sapphire or other valuable gemstones. Art nouveau earrings often take their inspiration from nature and have a very organic look and feel to them.

The antique Belle Époque earrings at Lyppens jewellers are often defined by the rich use of diamonds in combination with platinum and often lack of colour. When colour was used, it was often kept to the primary colours red, blue and green. The Belle Époque earrings are often very elegant and crafted as true pieces of art fit for special occasions.

The Art Deco period is often the period that people most easily recognise, it is clearly defined by its use of white metals such as white gold or platinum, rich use of diamond and clear geometric patterns. The most commonly used gemstones for this period are gemstones with primary colours such as ruby, sapphire, emerald, coral, ivory or onyx. Though Asian and Egyptian architecture and art also served as a source of inspiration for this art movement. There are nearly always beautiful earrings from this period in the collection.

The earrings made in the 1940’s 1950’s and 1960’s are easily recognizable. The 1940’s is defined by its often rich use in yellow or red gold, often in combination with synthetic gemstones. The 1950’s see white gold coming back in combination with diamonds and the shapes of the earrings become more abstract.

The 1960’s and 1970’s see a richer use of yellow gold and the use of less expensive gemstones, perhaps following the mindset of the hippy movement of the time. Organic gemstones like mother of pearl, coral and ivory and gemstones such as amethyst, citrine, chrysoprase are often used.