Silver cutlery from Lyppens jewellers

Lyppens jewellers prides itself on producing its own silver cutlery. Lyppens works with its partners in Italy and produces beautiful knives, forks, spoons and all other utensils that may be required in serving a fine dinner. The silverware is made from first grade / sterling silver and is available in two models, known as Hollands Glad and Haags Lofje. There is a basic cassette for 6 persons and all cassettes can be expanded on request.

History of silver cutlery

Cutlery as known today stems from the late 17th century. Up until this time people tended to carry their utensils around with them in a pouch. The most common metals for these utensils were steel and pewter, though other metals and non-metals like wood were also commonly used. In the late 17th century, it became popular for wealthy aristocratic families to use silver instead. This was only for the extremely wealthy as it was a great way to display status, wealth and impress your guests during formal dinners. This tradition still stands strong hundreds of years later as it is still common practice to use silver cutlery for the most luxurious and formal dinners.

Silver baby cutlery

A traditional, but still very famous birth gift, is silver baby cutlery. This can be a small cutlery or a single spoon. It is a personalised gift that is always much appreciated.