About Lyppens jewellers

Lyppens jewellers began with beautiful fabrics and seven golden rings exhibited on wooden orange crates. In 1959 the Lyppens family opened their shop in the 17th century building situated in the Langebrugsteeg in Amsterdam. Through the years the living and bedrooms became a sales floor and modern workshop. The third generation has joined the family business and the once modest shop has grown to an institute where craftsmanship, knowledge and expertise are central.

Stadsarchief Amsterdam / Schaap, C.P.

Lyppens jewellers stands for craftsmanship, knowledge and expertise. The collection consists of new, vintage, antique and custom made jewellery. With the knowledge that has been learned and passed down from generation to generation the collection has slowly developed into one that contains truly exceptional pieces.

Situated in the characteristic 17th century building in the heart of Amsterdam the shop is a unique place where many families, from grandparents to grandchildren, have built up a tradition to eternalize the most treasured moments in their lives by obtaining a piece of jewellery. From a modest silver bangle to a diamond engagement ring, for every special moment in your life you will find a matching piece of jewellery.

Service and hospitality are paramount. The experience of choosing a piece of jewellery is often as important as the item itself.

A unique feature of the business is the workshop, situated above the shop floor. A place where much of Lyppens most stunning jewellery is created. It houses several important disciplines from diamond and gemstone setters, gold and silversmiths and 3D jewellery designers specialised in restoring, adjusting, personalising, designing and making jewellery.

What makes Lyppens jewellers so unique is the large selection of jewellery. You will discover jewels from a vast range of art movements from the mid to late Victorian 19th century, the turn of the century Art Nouveau and Belle Époque, Art Deco, Retro years, vintage and new jewels.

The Lyppens family originates from Terneuzen, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. Great Grandfather Lyppens was a well respected local accountant. From his five sons, Herman Lyppens wanted to work with his hands. He left home to study jewellery in Schoonhoven. In the beginning of the 1950’s Herman arrived in Amsterdam to start working for Wijers, a large fabric dealer. After gaining enough experience Herman and his wife Marjan opened Lyppens in 1959. Their own business in the Langebrugsteeg. What started with the sales of fabrics and jewellery, fueled by the love and passion for jewels, became a shop solely specialised in jewellery.

Three generations


In 1959 Herman Lyppens and his wife Marjan started the business in the Langebrugsteeg. In a 17th century building they began with beautiful fabrics and seven golden rings exhibited on wooden orange crates given to them by the greengrocers who previously owned the building.