Link bracelets

Link bracelets

Link bracelets from Lyppens jewellers

Lyppens jewellers offer a large collection of link bracelets from everyday wear to those for a special occasion. The collection of gold link bracelets are made from 14 or 18 karat white, red or yellow gold. The experienced sales team offers great advice and will show you how to combine your gold link bracelet with a watch, as a stackable or with other bracelets. Lyppens jewellers have a great collection of gold link bracelets for men too.

Different types of link bracelets

The collection of Lyppens consists of a large collection of different types of gold link bracelets. Below is a short list showing you the most popular gold link bracelets.

The classic curb link bracelet is probably the best-known curb link bracelet. This flat link is available in all shapes and sizes, from very thin and slim to extravagant and thick. This link has always stood the test of time and remains a best seller.

The rolo link bracelet is along with the curb link one of the best-known link bracelets. This timeless design is made from intersecting circles. This bracelet is available in many different sizes.

The anchor bracelet is a variation of the rolo link bracelet and takes its name from the old boat chains that were elongated to hold an anchor. The oval design gives it a little more modern feel and is currently an extremely popular design ideal for daily wear.

The box link bracelet is well known for its robust look and feel. The square links are folded into each other and give the bracelet its springy and playful look.

The figaro link bracelet is a variation on the classical curb link bracelet, by simply adding one larger link in-between the smaller links a playful effect is created. This link is tremendously popular with men and with women.

The snake or wheat link bracelet is a very popular rounded link bracelet. This link is tightly intersected and has a finesse quality to it.

The Byzantine link bracelet is a very popular link amongst men and women alike. It is available in the classical square box variation but also in a round variation.

The closed forever bracelet is also a timeless classic. There are now thinner and thicker variations of this bracelet. Traditionally these bracelets were meant for charms, this left the mainstream fashion for a while but recently there is a large demand for playful charms and closed forever bracelets.

The well-known tank bracelet is a bracelet that is best suited for people looking for an exclusive piece of jewellery. The original links represented the common tank tracks, and this type of bracelet was extremely popular in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Even though its roots lie in the past, the elegant design and the often-high quality of craftsmanship has ensured that this bracelet has stood the test of time and is even today considered a fresh and exclusive timeless piece of fine jewellery.

There are many link bracelets in stock but have not been mentioned in this summary above. Commonly unusual bracelet links are available as vintage pieces. Let Lyppens inspire you to increase your link bracelet collection.