Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings from Lyppens jewellers

A pair of hoop earrings are considered an all-time classic. Lyppens jewellers try to always have a broad collection of hoop earrings so that there is always a pair for every client. The stock consists of ear hoops made from 14 or 18 karat yellow, red or white gold. A combination of these three gold colours is also possible.

What are hoop earrings?

Ear hoops are essentially a round circle acting as an earring. The lock mechanism may vary but normally the shape is always round or slightly oval. This traditional shape has been in fashion for thousands of years and still today is considered to be a classic.

Traditionally ear hoops are also known creole earrings but nowadays the term hoop earring is used to describe this type of earring.

Why hoop earrings?

Hoop earrings form the basis of every jewellery collection. They are easy to wear, come in a vast range of sizes, compliment many outfits and can be worn on nearly every occasion. Smaller wider hoop earrings that sit closely on the ear offer a more formal and traditional look, whereas the larger hoops can create a playful and casual look. It is also a type of earring that can be worn by young and old alike. It is fashionable to wear more than one hoop earring in the ear, often combining a slightly smaller one with a larger one.

Hoop earrings set with diamonds or gemstones

Hoop earrings do not always need to just be made from solid gold, as a matter of fact they are also set with diamonds or gemstones. Hoop earrings set with a line of brilliant cut earrings are especially stunning. Normally half the outside and half the inside of the sides facing the viewer are set with diamonds or gemstones. The experienced sales team can help you choose the hoop earrings best suited to you.