Engagement rings

Engagement rings

Engagement rings

Engagement rings from Lyppens jewellers

Whether you go down on one knee, visit a beautiful holiday location or are intimate with just the two of you, every engagement needs the perfect engagement ring. The ultimate symbol of romance and love. It is not easy to symbolise such an important moment, defining your love and commitment to each other with a ring. At Lyppens jewellers the experienced team is specialised in guiding you to finding that perfect ring, matching your wishes, budget and personal preferences. The first step of any engagement ring is the metal: At Lyppens all rings are made from 14 or 18 karat yellow, red, or white gold. Platinum is also possible on request. Lyppens jewellers have many examples and the sales team will advise you accordingly. Lyppens has a very personal approach. After the materials have been selected, the next step is to look at which model ring best suits your fiancé. The vast collection of unique ring mounts, designed and created in the workshop and each can be set with a unique diamond from the vast diamond collection.

Different types of engagement rings

A solitaire ring is a ring with a single diamond. It is a French word that derives from the Latin word meaning solo. Since the end of the 19th century, this model has been symbolic and synonymous for love and engagement. Traditionally this elegant model ring was set with a round cut diamond and fixed with 4 or 6 claws. Today different cut diamonds are also more common such as emerald cut, oval cut, Asscher cut or even old European cut diamonds. Lyppens jewellers has a large collection of these cut diamonds. Although the solitaire ring is the classic model when it comes to engagements, there are many alternative options that Lyppens can offer. A beautiful alternative is an eternity or half eternity ring. Perhaps you have seen a model that you would really like to have made? The workshop is standing by to offer their advice and craftsmanship in designing the perfect ring.

Diamond engagement rings

The diamond is the most commonly chosen gemstone when it comes to engagement rings. Diamond is physically the hardest material on earth, and combined with the beautiful ways it can be facetted it lends itself perfectly to the required timelessness style and durability required from a ring that can be worn every day.

Lyppens jewellers own mounts give you a wide range of beautiful models that will best show your diamond. The specialised sales team helps you choose the perfect diamond that suits you. All loose diamonds above 0.30ct are certified by an independent laboratory. Either HRD or GIA. Two of the leading diamond laboratories in the industry.

In addition to the traditional white diamonds, Lyppens also offer a selection of fancy-coloured diamonds. These are naturally coloured diamonds that occur in nature. These diamonds give a unique opportunity to offer something a bit different to the traditional engagement ring, whilst still keeping the symbolic nature. The collection offers fancy yellow, fancy brown or grey.

Lyppens jewellers also has a large collection of rings available from stock. These are unique rings made by one of the experienced goldsmiths in the workshop. Not to forget a vast collection of antique and vintage rings, from Art Nouveau, Art Deco, to the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. These often unique pieces are collected from all four corners of the world and may well offer a better alternative for the partner not interested in a solitaire diamond ring.

Engagement rings with gemstones

Lyppens jewellers is the only address you need for an engagement ring with a gemstone. Diamond is not everybody’s first choice and thus not for everyone. Lyppens has a large collection of gemstones to construct a unique ring from.

The collection always has a large selection of rubies, sapphires or emeralds in stock. To give you some idea how stunning these stones can be as engagement rings, the workshop has made a selection of rings for the stock. Just like with the diamond engagement rings, Lyppens jewellers offer a large collection of gold and diamond mounts that can be combined with many gemstones. From traditional models like the lady Di entourage ring, but of course also more contemporary three stone ring options.

The collection boasts a vast collection of handcrafted gemstone rings in stock. Often with gemstones that are a little less traditional and less well known. Think of aquamarine, pink, green or purple sapphire, red spinel or many of the colours of tourmaline. Whatever you are after, at Lyppens you are at the right address for the perfect ring.